Kali Docker on Windows — The Discussion — Setup (Shortish guide)

The Discussion

The indisputable reality of the pentesting world is the preeminence of PowerShell, PowerShell has brought windows to a new level never seen before and transformed windows from being the exploited to the world of the exploiter; which has created a minor but still annoying dilemma of what platform to use, or more importantly how to use both platforms simultaneously. Windows has released PowerShell core in Linux, which makes life slightly easier, but there are certain functionalities that can only be done in windows, for different reasons; which leave most pentesters with two or three vms to do their work from, which can be quite cumbersome. This Blog aims to solve that dilemma by proposing a simple solution, to run a docker Kali image in windows. Why not run windows in Kali, because docker windows only works on windows, as such it seems the only viable solution.

The Setup

What do I need?
* Preferred hypervisor/Virtual Machine Software (VMWare, Virtual Box, etc etc)
* VM with processor virtualization enabled with Windows 10/Windows Server 2019+ installed (Windows server 16 has problems supporting WSL) with VMWare tools or equivalent.

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